The Anat Baniel Method℠ (ABM) uses movement as the language of the brain to map or remap movements that have been lost or not yet acquired.

By gently moving the skeletal structure, the practitioner helps the student learn how to organize movement more efficiently and effectively. This can result in greater freedom and ease, mental and emotional clarity, and a sense of peace, wellbeing, and connectedness.

This experience occurs in what are called Functional Synthesis (FS) lessons. FS lessons last between 40 and 45 minutes (within a 60-minute visit, so that students can ease in and out of each session). They are gentle, hands-on, individual lessons that can be done with the student on a table, in a chair, standing, or on the floor—as is comfortable. For children, lessons can be done while they are held by a parent or while they engage in relatively quiet play or music/story listening. Students are fully clothed, and socks are encouraged.

For adults, conditions that can benefit from the Anat Baniel Method℠ include stroke, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, traumatic brain injury, back/neck/joint pain, scoliosis/lordosis, repetitive strain injuries, and residual limitations from previous breaks/strains. For children, conditions that benefit include cerebral palsy, spina bifida, scoliosis/lordosis, down syndrome, undiagnosed developmental delay, autism spectrum disorder, speech delay, ADD, and ADHD. These are just a few examples amid great possibilities when using the Anat Baniel Method℠.


Anat Baniel Method℠ Practitioners at Klinik:

Hilary Mason